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Dead Zed 4

Dead Zed 4 an upcoming addition to the Dead Zed shooter game series. It is a fast paced survival based shooter game where the player must defend their base from the on-coming hordes of zombies. Each level has a varying number of zombies of different speeds and each one moves continuously towards the base; if they reach the base they deal damage to it and the game is lost when the zombies get inside the base.

The main aim of the game is to survive until rescue arrives in 40 days time. To do this the player must manage their time resources so they can send out search parties to scavenge from buildings to find items, weapons and survivors. Survivors can also be managed on a more personal level.

Time is an important resource in the game and more time is earned by killing zombies and more awarded to the player when they get headshots; time is used by search parties and they cannot search buildings if the amount of time is too low.

The controls in Dead Zed 4 will follow the standard set by the other games in the series; the player will use the mouse to aim the gun and left click to shoot the weapon. The gun can be reloaded by pressing “r” or the player can double click the left mouse button. It is also possible to mute the music and to pause the game.

There will be hacked versions of the game online with unblocked features and some players will have hacked all guns.