Play Dead Zed 2 unblocked all guns

Dead Zed 2

Dead Zed 2 is the sequel to the original Dead Zed game; like the first game it is a free online flash game. It's one of the best shooters and free survival games available with great graphics and fun gameplay. This flash game cannot be played offline.

Main goal

The aim of the game is to survive and like the first game, Dead Zed Two also uses time as a resource. Dead Zed 2 is set at the start of the zombie apocalypse where zombies are just appearing and the player takes on the role of a lucky survivor who has a gun; the zombies must be shot down before they reach the house. The player must survive long enough to find rescue, the game is won when help arrives. Like with the previous game, the play needs to survive for 40 days.


Time is valuable in Dead Zed Two and is earned by killing zombies and more is rewarded for getting headshots on the approaching zombie hordes. This resource is used for sending out search parties, repairing the house and making upgrades; the house is barricaded and perfect condition is 100, as zombies reach the house it will need to be repaired. When the barricades break, the game is lost and the zombies get inside to eat the survivors.

Group morale is important and it impacts the performance of the survivors in the group; it can be increased by finding supplies, survivors and weapons. Search parties will return at the end of the day and new areas will become available as the group scavenges all the available buildings in one area. The player can manage their safehouse to manage their weapons, explosives, survivors and to repair the safehouse. The survivors fall into different groups and each one is useful in a different way; some will help the player kill zombies with guns, others will melee the ones that reach the house, some will join the search party and some will be assistants to reload weapons that are not being used at the time.

The rage meter can be filled by killing zombies with headshots and once filled it will allow the player to insta-kill all zombies for a short period of time.

Dead Zed 2 Controls

The game controls for Dead Zed 2 make use of the mouse and various keyboard keys. It uses the mouse to aim and left click to shoot; then it uses Q to swap weapons and the R key to reload the weapon. The player can switch their firing mode with F and can use the rage mode by pressing Space. The remote bombs can also be detonated with 1, 2 and 3. The player can mute the game with M and pause the game with P.

Dead Zed 2 hacked

Dead Zed 2 can be hacked so that all the guns are unblocked. The cheats of Dead Zed 2 also allow the play to add more time, more guns, survivors and more. People online have hacked all guns into their game and even created hacked versions of it where the player does not need to manually input cheats if they use that version.